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New Vehicles (2013 and newer)* 1.99%APR
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Regular Share Account 0.10%APY
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The Kellogg Midwest Federal Credit Union ATM/Debit Card is one powerful tool of convenience.  In fact, it works like a check — only better! You can use your ATM/Debit Card to pay for goods and services everywhere that VISA® cards are accepted — restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Simply give your card to the merchant as you would any credit card and sign the receipt. The big difference? There's no credit involved! No interest charges. No monthly bills. Nothing to re-pay. The amount of your purchase is deducted electronically from your Credit Union Checking Account. Let the card that does it all make life a little easier for you! For more information, contact a Member Service Representative at 402-593-2680 or click below to apply today! The phone number for lost or stolen Debit Cards when the office is closed is 1.800.472.3272.

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